May 30, 2023 – 6 minute read

What is BigCommerce Powered by?

Thought Leadership

Powered by is the one and only program that allows companies and businesses to offer BigCommerce to their merchants as the seamless eCommerce platform perfectly tailored to any sized business alongside their existing suite of products and services.

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is known as one of the world’s leading eCommerce platforms that enable companies to effectively create and manage their online stores. With its extensive features and robust infrastructure, BigCommerce has the ability to transform, enhance, and improve the online selling and online buying experience.

Think of BigCommerce Powered by as “BigCommerce Powered by APIs” – it allows your business to provision merchant stores, streamline the customer discovery & onboarding processes, and offer customers best-in-class eCommerce websites. With Powered by, easily provide customers with access to new eCommerce storefronts and manage the lifecycle of accounts and merchant stores.

Powered by gives your business the ability to:

  • Scale features, onboarding processes, and store designs that fit your merchants’ preferences
  • Create, manage, and organize accounts and stores on BigCommerce with reports and analytics
  • Manage billing relationships for your merchant’s subscriptions or allow BigCommerce to manage the billing process directly
  • Pre-install apps and settings during the store’s creation for a fast and efficient onboarding process

Take advantage of BigCommerce’s invite-only program today! You’ll be able to start onboarding merchants and increasing revenue with all the tools you need.

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