May 30, 2023 – 7 minute read

How to Connect Prophet 21 (P21) with Any Ecommerce Platform

Thought Leadership

Prophet 21 (P21) is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system offered by Epicor, a software company offering ERP cloud solutions and services. As a specific ERP system, P21 is designed and built for wholesale distributors to provide a comprehensive suite of features and functionalities that streamline processes, manage operations, and improve business efficiency.

Now, you’re probably wondering – how do I connect P21 with my eCommerce platform? With the robust features and efficient capabilities that the system has, you’ll be able to connect your eCommerce platform to Prophet 21 to start managing your business to increase revenue.

Types of Integrations that Connect Your Ecommerce Platform to P21:

System-to-System Integration
This type of architecture requires custom coding between the eCommerce platform and P21 system. A system-to-system integration would connect the eCommerce platform to P21 via uploadable or downloadable data between the two for real-time synchronization. For customizable eCommerce systems, the timeline to implement the integration would be extensive and requires accurate attention to detail from experts on both systems.

iPaaS Integration
This solution simplifies the integration by offering pre-built connectors and API layers for common systems and applications. The development timeline would be shortened as iPaaS providers would maintain updates and security functionalities for the data being transferred. Additionally, this type of integration would offer scalability, flexibility, and faster onboarding processes as new systems update and require additional API connections.

Custom Middleware Integration
A custom middleware application would enable more control and flexibility over the integration process. Businesses that leverage a custom middleware to connect their eCommerce system to P21 would be able to integrate with other systems, use their own technology stack, and spend less time and money on the integration.

Integrating your eCommerce platform with P21 will allow your business to sync data from multiple different endpoints where you can manage customer relationships, orders, products, and more from one place. Whether you choose to connect the systems via a system-to-system, iPaaS, or custom middleware integration, being able to seamlessly manage all processes will enable your business to grow and boost sales as you maintain your online store.

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