M&S Dental Launches Fully Transactional eCommerce Site with Key B2B Features on BigCommerce


As a family owned and operated business since 1987, M&S Dental has been servicing the Dental community for over 30 years. The company specializes in office design, construction, supply distribution, equipment sales, and repairs for dental clinics, hospitals, and private dental practices. Looking to grow its B2B business online, equip sales reps with the self-service tools needed to drive more sales, and improve the overall user experience of its website, M&S Dental turned to Silk to create the best possible solution for their needs on the BigCommerce platform.

With an outdated website theme that had made it difficult for the M&S Dental team to go in and update site content, they needed a redesigned website that was optimized for eCommerce. The Silk team was up for the task, implementing an improved site layout and a clean, modern site that would allow users to quickly find the products and information they’re looking for. Along with a seamless integration with a CRM system, the M&S Dental team was now fully empowered to create new static pages and refresh their site content without difficulty.

Making the move to BigCommerce, M&S Dental gained access to needed features including customer groups, grouped products, and product pick lists. Closely working with Silk and BundleB2B to provide further eCommerce enhancements and additional B2B features, M&S Dental was ready to take the next step in propelling its business online.

To help M&S Dental streamline their unique business processes and better automate offline tasks, the Silk team built a custom special offers app on the site. Previously, the M&S Dental team needed to manually qualify, add, and approve quarterly specials and pricing for customers. Now equipped with the app, this could now all be done online. Quarterly promotions could be uploaded to the site by the M&S Dental team via CSV files, so that as logged-in customers browse through their product catalog, they could see the specific promotions available to them when viewing the products themselves.

Leveraging a phased approach to support M&S Dental’s continued online growth and ongoing site enhancements, Silk strengthens its efforts following the initial launch of the site to add even more value. To further boost M&S Dental’s B2B capabilities, a sales rep quoting tool, wholesale account management, and product bundling functionality are among the key B2B features to be added onto the site.

Available through an integration with BundleB2B, the sales rep quoting tool will allow the M&S Dental sales team members to search for products on behalf of a customer, add them to a quote, and see the corresponding price along with a margin meter. They can adjust the price accordingly for the sale while seeing how much margin will be made on the offer. If the meter is in green, this means a good margin has been set. If the meter is in yellow, the margin is okay. If the meter is in red, this means that no margin has been set and limitations are in place where they would be unable to checkout with that price. The M&S Dental sales team member could then finalize the quote and share with the customer for checkout. Alternatively, the sales team member would also have the capability to masquerade as the customer and checkout on their behalf if desired.

With the launch of their new eCommerce site, the M&S Dental team has achieved their initial goal of improving both the customer experience and beginning to move their business processes from offline to online. The site enhancements and new features make it easy for customers to find their desired products and checkout. Using shopping lists, quick order pad, and additional sales rep features, the M&S Dental sales team is also getting equipped with tools they need to bring more sales online. The Silk team will continue to support the company’s long-term growth and eCommerce success with an additional roll-out of features and functionality to further promote and maintain M&S Dental’s ongoing goals through upcoming phases.

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