Understanding the China Market

Creating excellent localized shopping experiences with a complete commerce solution is the key to successfully entering a new international market. From dazzling mobile experiences to personalized content and promotions, delivering customer experiences that reflect the uniqueness of your brand is what sets you apart from the competition.

As a global brand ready to expand your business into international markets, look no further than the world’s fastest growing eCommerce market: China. This fast-evolving region already has over 850 million consumers online with unique consumer behaviors influenced by its vast history and specialized eCommerce business practices. With over 56% of the world’s online purchases made by Chinese consumers, China has grown into one of the biggest and most digitally savvy consumer markets in the world.

To penetrate this trillion-dollar market, you need a solution that delivers an in-depth knowledge of the region’s consumer behaviors and operations and the right resources to seamlessly fit into the ecosystem with localized language, user experience, payment, and logistics support. Understanding key strategies and best practices for entering the China market will allow you to stand out from the crowd and launch a successful online storefront.

For instance, Chinese consumers rely exclusively on their mobile phones and mobile payment apps for shopping, registering with sites, and signing up for services and programs. Additionally, the nature of marketing campaigns in China has changed radically over the past few years. China’s consumer market continues to evolve quickly with new and innovative promotion tactics to reach its customers.

Popular trends in China such as live-streaming influencers, digital red envelope promotions, and thirty-minute flash sales are all the rage. Without understanding China’s unique consumer culture and buying habits, it can be challenging for businesses to deliver the personalized and engaging experiences customers expect. Designing a website and customer experience that will resonate with Chinese consumers is crucial for success in the region.

To start, leveraging the right resources to attract and engage with local consumers in the region will allow your brand to fit into the China ecosystem.

Localized Services and Features May Include:

Login by Phone Number
Handle account registration and login via phone number instead of email.

Shipment Tracking
Monitor shipment status through the most popular logistics providers in the region.

Chinese Social Share
Share with friends and family through WeChat, Tencent QQ, and Weibo.

Chinese Language
Utilize fully native Chinese translations for the website storefront and backend.

Optional Shopping Cart
Checkout easily with all selected items in the shopping cart.

WeChat Login
Scan a QR code to log in directly to an account using WeChat.

Alipay/Union Pay/WeChat Pay
Make payments or process refunds from either desktop or mobile.

China Address
Find and select locations quickly through smart auto-fill options and management.

Additionally, staying at the forefront of the latest marketing trends in the region is a key strategy for success. As consumers become more digitally savvy and purchase more items on their phones that they may have previously purchased in-store, it is crucial for brands to create meaningful digital interactions to engage with consumers digitally. With the rise of social apps and social influencers, the importance of social interactions and word of mouth among consumers in building brand loyalty is growing.

Successful entry into the market is just the beginning. Being able to attract business and consumers in the region is the ultimate test. To rise above the challenge, global brands must be able to understand and adapt to the unique characteristics of the Chinese market.

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