Pacific Handy Cutter


Pacific Handy Cutter is a professional tool manufacturer and a pioneer in the tool industry with more than 60 years of tool manufacturing experience. Pacific Handy Cutter hopes that Cisco can help it fully upgrade its existing website to gradually open up its online business.


The website before Pacific Handy Cutter does not have e-commerce features and requires a thorough upgrade and redirection of the website. The website needs to get the latest inventory, order, product price and other data in real time. The first precedent is the need to integrate the Epicor ERP system on top of Magento 2. Beautiful and responsive design. Some images should have a random flash effect. According to the ERP account level, the discounted prices seen by different users after login are different. After logging in, users can see information such as historical orders in ERP. The product has a minimum spending limit.


In-depth study of the Magento 2 and Epicor ERP systems, through the multi-processing, based on the ECC Module successfully integrated Epicor ERP system, the website can get the latest product inventory, price, offers, transportation and other information from the Epicor ERP system in real time. Based on Magento 2’s powerful e-commerce function, it has made secondary development, successfully opened online business; developed preferential price display rules; and developed scripts to achieve partial image random flashing effect.


Silk successfully helped Pacific Handy Cutter achieve a comprehensive upgrade of its website and embark on a new journey of online business. The powerful combination of Magento 2+ECC system enables PHC to acquire and update product information in real time, perfect for online and offline business integration. As the first e-commerce website to integrate the Epicor ERP system on the Magento 2 version, PHC successfully completed its gorgeous transformation from traditional manufacturing to e-commerce.

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