January 25, 2023 – 5 minute read

How Amazon Gets You to Spend More

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Ever catch yourself buying products, clothes, or random items that you really don’t need from Amazon? How many times has an item popped up in your email or on the Amazon web browser as “Amazon Recommended,” and you felt inclined to purchase it? The answer – probably a lot. Amazon is dominating the future of eCommerce by taking advantage of all the sneaky yet clever ways to get its customers to spend more.

Generating over $500 billion USD in revenue in 2022, Amazon is the #1 largest marketplace in the world selling everything from “A to Z” online. As one of the most competitive retailers in the eCommerce industry, Amazon has earned its reputation and popularity amongst 1.2 billion people across the globe through subscriptions, fast shipping, upselling, partnerships, and more.

Amazon Prime Subscriptions

Amazon’s loyalty membership program, Amazon Prime, was created to convince customers to shop and spend more. With Amazon Prime, shoppers get benefits such as free and same-day shipping and delivery, unlimited access to Prime Video and music streaming, discounts, and Prime Day sales. With all of these deals and benefits offered with Prime, Amazon shoppers not only spend money to subscribe to the program but also spend on multiple items and products throughout the year.

Free Shipping and Delivery with Bigger Purchases

Don’t want to pay for shipping and handling? Add two more items to your cart! That’s how Amazon gets you to buy and spend more. Amazon offers free shipping and delivery as an incentive to encourage shoppers to keep adding products to their cart so their total checkout reaches the minimum value. This tactic gets the consumer to buy more products rather than having to spend on a minor service such as shipping and handling.

Upselling and Personalized Recommendations

Amazon has all the data and statistics needed to analyze a customer’s behavior while shopping online. From your Amazon search history to previous purchases to all the product links you have clicked on, Amazon tracks it all. Amazon uses this intelligent system and algorithm to upsell and recommend items best fit for each individual customer.

Utilizing Third-Party Sellers

With Amazon’s trusted reputation, shoppers are hardly curious about where their items are coming from. This is why Amazon employs multiple third-party sellers and allows other businesses to join the Amazon Marketplace to broaden the number of products being sold online. Now, customers have more merchandise to choose from, and Amazon saves money without spending on warehousing services.

Why it Matters

The advancement of technology and movement to online shopping is every business’s cue to start selling their products on Amazon.

Accelerate Your Amazon Growth

In just 2020 alone, Amazon’s third-party seller services skyrocketed by over 50 percent where both sales and revenue increased alongside marketplace growth. Join the Amazon marketplace today, where your business can reach millions of consumers and boost customer loyalty across the world.

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