January 26, 2023 – 7 minute read

5 Tips to Being a Successful Seller on Amazon

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Thinking about growing your business by selling on Amazon? After the COVID-19 pandemic surged throughout the world, the immense growth of eCommerce and online shopping has skyrocketed throughout the industry. Getting started with selling on Amazon has never been faster or easier, but the hard part lies with increasing actual sales and revenue in such a large marketplace. With competitors and multiple third-parties occupying Amazon’s platform to reach its 1.2 billion consumers, you’ll need some tips and strategies to become a successful seller on Amazon.

Start now!

The longer you wait, the more your competitors grow without you on Amazon. Having the courage to start selling in a new marketplace is the first step to growing your business. Get your account setup on Amazon where you can manage products and design content tailored to your brand. You can’t surpass your competitors if you aren’t in the competition!

Know the Difference: Amazon Seller Central vs. Amazon Vendor Central

Both of these web interfaces will allow businesses to sell items or merchandise on Amazon. The key difference is who is selling for the business. Amazon Seller Central is used by third-party sellers, brands, and merchants who want to sell their products directly to the consumer. These businesses can either provide their own shipping, delivery, and fulfillment services or enroll in the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program where Amazon handles the logistics. Meanwhile, Amazon Vendor Central is an invite-only interface where first-party distributors and manufacturers sell bulk products to Amazon so that Amazon can resell them. It is important to understand and evaluate the pros and cons of each option so that your business can get set up and thrive in the Amazon marketplace.

Optimize Keywords in Product Listings

When uploading your products to Amazon, do research on any relevant keywords related to the item you are selling. Inserting keywords into product titles, descriptions, and other related features will leverage Amazon’s algorithm. It lets the system know the type of product you are selling and who might be interested. The Amazon algorithm goes as far as recommending your item to people who have previously searched for or purchased similar items, and it also boosts the chances of a customer finding your specific product in the search bar.

Think About Your Customers

Amazon works to get your business fast updates, shipping, and delivery while simultaneously giving you the opportunity to grow amongst millions of customers. However, it is up to you to keep your loyal customers coming back. Engage with your customers by following up on reviews and responding to their inquiries to build the community needed to keep your business strong.

Analyze Your Performance

Tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics are crucial to selling successfully on Amazon. With Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central, all the tools your business needs to understand your audience are readily available as soon as you sign up. Leveraging the account performance metrics, SEO, advertisement analytics, and much more, track all campaigns and view how well your sales are performing in the marketplace.

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