The Silk Team Worked Diligently to Protect the iMomoko Website from a Barrage of DDOS Attacks


In just a few short years, iMomoko has attained growing popularity as an online destination for trendy beauty and skincare products. The niche retailer, which mainly specializes in high end brands from Japan, Korea and Taiwan, has a mission of connecting beauty enthusiasts with the best, most cutting edge, selection of products. The founders of iMomoko believe that “beauty is not only appearance, but a confidence from within”, and sincerely want to help each customer with all their cosmetic and skincare needs.


iMomoko needed a fresh look that appealed to a primarily Asian target market, as well as a platform that could support their extensive product inventory. As the new website went live, another critical issue needed to be addressed concerning a barrage of DDoS attacks, that overloaded the ISP and caused a “null route”, preventing customer access to the website.


Silk worked intently with iMomoko on every stage of building and launching the website, from tailoring a unique design that specifically attracts an Asian audience to basing the site on the Magento Enterprise platform to better manage their inventory. The final step was painstakingly investigating the DDoS attacks and putting safeguards in place to ensure that no further breaches of the site could be attempted. The developers on the Silk Managed Service team worked closely with iMomoko’s ISP Nexcess and CloudFlare to place an extra layer of protection around the website, and identify the origin of the attacks to block it from access.

iMomoko was in good hands with the experienced Silk team. The development phase of the site was complete when the DDoS attacks began. Always ready to help, the Managed Service team worked diligently in diagnosing the problem and building protection around the website to keep it up and running properly. As with all Silk Managed Service customers, iMomoko enjoyed the following services: Assistance with import and export, full or partial outage recovery, emergency bug fixes, integration trouble shooting, content uploading and formatting, Magento reporting and analytics interpretation.


Silk helped iMomoko realize their vision of a visually attractive website with a nimble backend that supports a product inventory that grows daily. The new website is now functioning at its optimal level, processing numerous transactions a day, free of DDoS attacks. With the high level of protection in place, iMomoko can rest easy knowing that Silk will always be there to keep the site running smoothly.

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