June 8, 2022 – 7 minute read

3 Ways to Stop Wasting Marketing Funds

Digital Marketing, Thought Leadership

Marketing can be a powerful tool for creating brand awareness and driving more sales for your business. However, without the right strategies in place, it can also become a costly endeavor that doesn’t generate much in return. Before you start throwing tons of marketing dollars on a campaign, make sure you have a clear strategy and plan for execution that is accurately directed towards your target audience.

Here are three key strategies that will help you maximize your marketing efforts and get better value for your time and money:

1. Target Inbound Traffic to Relevant Landing Pages
When setting up ads, don’t simply direct all traffic to your site’s homepage. No matter whether you’re promoting a specific product or service, the landing page users are directed to from the ad should have related content to what is being displayed on the ad. It’s important to show users what they expect to see. While paid ads may be generating clicks, if the content users are directed to doesn’t match their expectations, there will be low conversion. Make sure that both page content and associated ad copy are relevant to one another.

2. Optimize the Landing Page Experience
The desired action you want users to take on each of your landing pages should be made immediately clear and easy to complete. Whether you’re looking to have users add a product to their cart or request a quote, don’t make them spend extra effort trying to figure out how to do this on the page.In addition, clear and informative content on landing pages goes a long way. People don’t want to read more than necessary to get the info they’re looking for. Keep messaging meaningful. Good content will also organically improve search engine rankings, which in turn can bring more visitors to your site.

3. Be Open to Continuous Improvement
There’s no single magical strategy out there, that can guarantee perfect results. Ideas and theories are only a start to putting together an optimal marketing strategy. Results come from seeing them in action. As you implement your campaigns, continue to optimize through testing and user feedback and adjust accordingly to generate the most impact for your business.

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