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Print or Download Receipts from Epicor P21 Customer Portal

Epicor P21, also known as Prophet 21, is a popular ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software used by many companies in the wholesale industry. One of the features of the Epicor P21 system is the Customer Portal, an online platform where customers can view information about their orders, such as tracking numbers, order status, and pricing.

However, a common question among users of this software is whether customers can print or download order slips from the portal. The short answer is yes. Customers can print or download order confirmations through the Epicor P21 Customer Portal. This feature is available in the latest Epicor P21 2021 software release and can be accessed by both customers and the customer service team.

To print or download the order form, simply log in to the customer portal and go to the “My Orders” section. Here they can view all their orders and select the order for which they want to print or download a receipt. After selecting your order, you will be redirected to the Order Details page, where you will be able to print or download the order form in PDF format.

So why is this feature important to customers? There are several reasons.

First, it provides customers with physical proof of order, which can be useful for record keeping. If there are any problems with your order, having your receipt may serve as proof of purchase. It also contains all the necessary information such as order number, date, and item details, making it easier for customers to track their purchases.

Additionally, the ability to print or download order forms from the customer portal promotes self-service, which is becoming increasingly important in today’s business landscape. This feature eliminates the need for customers to ask customer service representatives to confirm their order, saving time and effort for both parties. It also ensures smoother and faster resolution of any discrepancies or queries regarding your order.

Moreover, this feature is in line with the current trend of reducing paper consumption and promoting sustainable development. Instead of printing multiple copies of order forms, customers can simply download them to their devices for future use.

In summary, the latest version of Epicor P21 allows customers to print or download order confirmations from the Customer Portal. This feature not only provides convenience to customers, but also supports sustainable practices in the business world.

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