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TikTok Shop Connector Resources

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Get answers to common questions about our TikTok Shop Connector. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please reach out to our team at tiktokshop@silkcommerce.com.

How much does the Connector cost?
It’s free for one year if you onboard with us before 12/31/2023. You will be charged after your 1 year free trial has ended. See Pricing Details per month.

Why don’t products show up in the TikTok Shop after “pushing” my products?
If the product says “unsynced,” click on the blue arrow next to the product image and check the “sync status” for a description of why the push was unsuccessful. You can then troubleshoot and update anything from Shopify by re-pulling and re-pushing the product in the connector.

Product needs “certificate” or “attributes”?
Please view the “Certificates/Required Attributes” tab in the user guide under “How to Sync Products,” “Push Product.”

What’s an API key, APP secret, and Access Token?
These are created in your eCommerce store when you generate the custom app. Please view the Tutorial Video on how to create a connection OR visit the “How to Create a Connection” tab in the user guide.

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How to Connect Shopify to TikTokShop
How to Sync Products from Shopify to TikTok Shop

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